Reporter's Blog: Jet Skiers Rescued From River -

Reporter's Blog: Jet Skiers Rescued From River

   A couple jet skiers had to be rescued from the Mississippi River earlier this evening.

   We're told they'd put in about ten to 12 miles upriver along the Meramec and made their way down to the Mississippi.  There's a lot of debris floating along the Mississippi these days because of heavy rains up north.  Basically, it's river junk.  When the waters get high upriver they bring down just about everything that's along the riverbanks.  Nature cleansing its banks.  Unfortunately, that makes for treacherous conditions not only for those boating / jet skiing on the water but for rescuers as well.

   Both jet skies became disabled.  It could have been from smacking debris in the water, it could have been some other reason.  The Rock Community Fire Protection District says tonight that the Missouri Water Patrol is now investigating to find a cause.

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