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EMS worker dies from apparent tick bite

O'FALLON, Ill. (KMOV) -- An O’Fallon, Illinois EMS worker suddenly died Tuesday from a possible tick bite.

According to police, Michelle Heap had been on several camping trips over the last few weeks and her symptoms were consistent with a tick born illness.
Experts say ticks become a major problem six months out of the year between the months of April and September.
According to experts, Ehrlich-I-Osis is the most common tick born disease in Missouri with only one to two percent of patients dying from the disease. Ehrlich-I-Osis is treatable with antibiotics if caught early.
Some tips to avoid being a victim of a tick bite include: avoiding grassy areas where ticks live and cover up by wearing long sleeves, long pants and closed-toed shoes.
 Also wear insect repellent and spray your clothes with Permethrin, which can be purchased at camping stores.  
Victims may not realize they have been bitten; symptoms include fever, headaches, or rashes. See your doctor to treat a tick bite.

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