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West Alton farming family worries about rising water levels

(KMOV) – Residents across the river in Illinois also feel flooding concerns along with many Missouri counties.

Waters are rising daily and residents are already preparing for the worst. 
In West Alton, the town of about 700 people has been through this several times in the past.
Adam Bonderer and his family have been farming there for five generations. They have started moving equipment, chemicals, and seed to higher ground.
After the flood of 1993, the family built its own levee around a couple acres that will protect the farmhouse, their barns, and grain elevators. Bonderer says that it is kind of scary to hear water levels may be the same as they were in 1993, or even higher.
"We don't want to have to go through and redo our house again… The mud (the water) leaves is thick, caked, heavy mud. Stays soupy, stays wet. It's terrible," Bonderer said.
“If we get normal rainfall this summer over the Missouri River basin we should be okay. We'll remain at flood stage or may be a few feet above flood stage. If we get very heavy rainfall over the Missouri River basin now through August, the end of summer, we're going to be in trouble,” Wess Browning of the National Weather Service said.
Officials note that the water is going down on the Mississippi River, which will absorb some of the incoming water from the Missouri and lessen the impact on St. Louis and areas south.

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