St. Charles County executive vetoes smoking ban bill -

St. Charles County executive vetoes smoking ban bill

St. Charles (KMOV) – St. Charles County residents will have to wait on voting on a county-wide smoking ban.

Tuesday, County Executive Steve Ehlmann vetoed Bill No. 3726.  The bill, which passed the County Council 4-2, created exemptions for a casino, cigar bars, and 20% of hotel rooms.

Ehlmann said, "I believe that when a regulation is passed to improve public health, exceptions to that regulation would be totally irrational. If the purpose of the smoking ban is to protect the health of employees, there is no rational reason to exclude casino floor workers. If tobacco smoke is harmful, there is no reason to exempt cigar bars, while regulating bars that allow cigarette smoking."

He additionally added that government should not be “picking winners and losers” in establishing regulations.

The Council has 30 days to override the veto. It will need five votes to do so.  Ehlmann said that if the veto is not overridden, he expects the issue will continue to be discussed.

The deadline for putting a Charter Amendment proposal on the ballot is 90 days prior to the election. A ballot proposition would have to be submitted by Aug. 28 for the November 2012 election.


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