Adding a Deck -

Adding a Deck

Adding a Deck

Tips courtesy of Angie’s List


If the deck is in good shape, your return could be more than 80 percent. Angie’s List, the nation’s premier provider of consumer reviews, asked highly rated deck companies for advice on materials.

  • Outdoor living is a very popular. A deck increases the usable space of your home by extending it out into your yard.
  • Building a deck is less expensive than building an additional room but still enables homeowners to expand their living space.
  • The price of adding a deck all depends on the size of the deck you want and the materials you use because there are a lot of choices, but you can spend $5,000 to $30,000 or more. The more elaborate the deck, the more it will cost. A good contractor can work with you to keep costs under control.
  • Nature can destroy the natural beauty of wood. If a deck is left unprotected, moisture, UV light and extreme temperatures may cause a deck to crack, splinter and warp. You’re going to have to maintain a deck after it’s built, so talk to your builder about materials.
    • Decks made of wood require regular care and maintenance, such as staining every couple of years. 
    • Composite decks are made up of synthetic materials, designed to look like wood. They can cost more but they require less maintenance than wood.

·         Deck building isn’t as easy as those TV shows make it seem, that’s why it’s important to hire a reliable local company. There’s a huge amount of prep work that needs to be done to ensure your deck is stable.


Hiring a deck builder:

  • Since designs on decks can vary, check with your city or town building codes to make sure the design complies with local building codes.
  • Check with your neighborhood or subdivision association to see what restrictions might be in place.
  • There are also safety considerations. Local and national building codes apply to railings and step heights.
  • When you talk to contractors about building the deck, make sure they’re licensed. And when they give you that license number, check on it to make sure it’s valid.
  • Always ask the company for references and check Angie’s List.


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