Joplin: What EF-5 Damage Looks Like -

Joplin: What EF-5 Damage Looks Like

In the above video I take you into the heart of the tornado damage in Joplin to show you what EF-5 tornado damage looks like.  This tornado intensified right over the Southwest part of the city and was at it's strongest while hitting the most populated city in the area. 

The latest death toll is 151 (as of June 10th) making this the 7th deadliest tornado in recorded US history.  And while I focus on the science of the tornado and the damage, the personal stories of this tragedy are just as important.  That's why I'd like to share some links below to a blog from Danni Eickenhorst of the Salvation Army.


Tornado activity across the US has calmed down in the past week, let's hope that's a trend for the rest of the Summer as we've had our fair share already.

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