Blagojevich looks glum during prosecution closing -

Blagojevich looks glum during prosecution closing

CHICAGO (AP) -- Rod Blagojevich is looking glum as he listens to prosecutors lay out the evidence against him at his corruption retrial.

Government attorney Carrie Hamilton resumed closing arguments Thursday, addressing jurors for a second day.

Blagojevich is following along, frowning with his eyes narrowed.

As Hamilton walks jurors through the government's evidence, she's repeatedly said Blagojevich lied from the witness stand.

The former governor testified for seven days during the six-week trial.

He faces 20 counts, including attempted extortion and conspiracy to commit bribery.

The most serious allegation is that he sought to sell or trade President Barack Obama's vacated U.S. Senate seat. He's also accused of trying to shake down executives by threatening state decisions that would hurt their businesses.

The former governor has denied any wrongdoing.

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