Stolen electronics recovered; police tracking down owners -

Stolen electronics recovered; police tracking down owners


Police say the arrests of four men, last Friday, lead to the recovery of dozens of stolen electronics. Now, police are trying to get the item back to the original owners.

St. Charles Police say the items were taken from parked, unlocked cars in neighborhoods near Francis Howell North High School over the last month.

GPS units, a portable DVD player, even sunglasses and spare change were recovered when police arrested four men last Friday.

Justin Culver, 19, and Alex Bunjan, 18, have been charged with felony theft. Charges on two others are pending - according to police.

Sgt. Todd Wilson says some of the victims of theft have been contacted, but suspects others never reported the thefts. 

"We're asking anybody in those geographical boundaries if they have something as simple as a power cord or something that may be missing out of their car or sunglasses or anything like that to at least give us a call," said Sgt. Wilson.

Contact Sgt. Wilson for Detective Brian Morrissey at 636-949-3300.


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