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Police: ID theft may be traced back to Sony breach

(KMOV) -- This week, Sony apologized for an outage on the web-based PlayStation Network, blaming hackers for compromising user information at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

PlayStation reported the problem in April, saying that an "unauthorized person" pulled information like names, addresses, billing address, and password security answers from the network.

Read Sony's announcement here: http://us.playstation.com/news/consumeralerts/#non-us

Since then, Sony has offered users free ID theft service here: http://us.playstation.com/news/consumeralerts/identity-theft-protection/?CMP=EMC&ATT=AT001_PSNQriocityEM&psu=0816786971

Chesterfield police say they took a report from a local man, who suspects his information was compromised in the breach.  The man told police that he received an email from Netflix, confirming setting changes, that the man never made. The man told police he used his PlayStation console to watch Netflix movies.

In June, the man said he received an email, confirming a new BlackBerry account. The man told police he never opened the account and wanted to report the incident.

Chesterfield police are working to determine if a crime was committed in the department's jurisdiction.

Detective Mike Simpson says that it does not appear that the man's credit card information was taken. Simpson said the man has been checking his billing records and found no unusual activity.

The Federal Trade Commission also recommends checking your credit report and watching for e-mail phishing scams.

Read more from the FTC here: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2011/05/playstationhack.shtm

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