St. Louis job fair gets mixed reviews from job seekers -

St. Louis job fair gets mixed reviews from job seekers

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

It's billed as one of the biggest area job fairs around... and Congressman Lacy Clay's Career Fair is big... As my colleague Diana Zoga blogged Sunday, there are more than 100 companies and government agencies there.

But when Congressman Clay's public relations person tells us, "we have people who do the hiring right there in person," that's not exactly right... at least not that I could tell.

I went around booth to booth (about eight I'd say) as the fair opened asking the people at the booths if there would be any on-the-spot interviews.  The answer each time was, "No, applicants need to apply on line."

In most cases there were company representatives that could answer some basic questions about their company and the jobs they're looking to fill, but those who came out trying to impress the person behind the table may have been wasting their time as the person behind the table (in most cases) appeared to have nothing to do with hiring.

That was disappointing to Robin Mason who'd been out of full-time work for three years.  He's got a background in environmental compliance management.  While he told me he wasn't expecting to land a job at the career fair, he hoped he'd impress a recruiter or someone who might pass his name along to a higher-up who might want to call him for an interview.



Congressman Lacy Clay told me it's to be expected most of this is done on line these days but stands by the effectiveness of his annual career fair saying he putting employers with job seekers has paid off for thousands of people and hundreds of companies over the six years he's been putting on this event at Harris-Stowe State University.

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I asked him, "Do you think being here dressed up is making any kind of a difference or impression with anyone that matters or could you have just done all this on line?"  

He said, "I really could have done it on line, but some companies here, being in a professional attire, they ask you for your name.  That means they're going to remember you and quantify you with your resume when it comes through so it (the job fair) is beneficial but also disheartening because you've already done it (job application) on line."

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