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Why did they let Carlos Boles out of jail?

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

"Why did they let the guy out of Jail?"

Bart Perry still finds it hard to believe that Carlos Boles was able to murder his brother when it appears obvious that Boles should have been in jail. Perry, the brother of murdered Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry, believes that Boles, a violent ex-con wanted on drug and assault charges, fell through gaping holes in the system, and because of that Boles was able to kill his brother, and wound two other law enforcement officers who were trying to arrest him.

In a series of interviews and open records requests, News 4 revealed that police suspected Boles of having illegal drugs. When approached by an officer, Boles punched the cop in the neck and choked him. According to the police report, it took repeated punches, kicks, hits with a baton and zaps from a tazer to finally get Boles under control. Boles also threatened to kill the officers. Despite that, the cops didn't ask for the suspected drugs to be tested for a month, and only requested misdemeanor resisting arrest charges. The prosecutor declined to file charges until drug tests came back a month later. Police didn't seriously pursue Boles for another 4 months.

"From the minute I heard the events, I'm just scratching my head going 'what.' I mean they've arrested somebody and let him go," Bart Perry told me.

During previous interviews the Presiding Judge, Circuit Attorney and Police Chief all told me the shooting shouldn't have happened, that Boles should have been behind bars. In our interview Bart told me he hopes officials work together to make sure there is never another case like this one. Judge Jack Garvey says based on our investigation he's already held meetings with the police and prosecutors to create a system that is more aware of offenders who pose the greatest risk to the community and to treat them accordingly.

Is it lasting change, or just a judge attempting to get the Circuit Attorney and Police Chief to smoke a peace pipe in the wake of bad press that followed the senseless death of a veteran federal marshal?

We should see the impact of any changes in the system this summer.


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