Fire hydrant cools off kids, causes problems for community -

Fire hydrant cools off kids, causes problems for community

(KMOV) – Severe heat is on its way to St. Louis and some vandals are finding dangerous and illegal ways to keep cool.

 A News 4 viewer informed KMOV that vandals broke a fire hydrant in his neighborhood. When KMOV checked the scene out, water department crews were repairing a water main break caused by the vandalized hydrant.
Officials said that someone had opened the hydrant and used tires and 2x4 pieces of wood to turn it into a waterfall for kids to play in. 
A local resident said that homes on Kensington between Union and Academy were without water from Wednesday, June 1, until early the following morning.
The water from the hydrant has caused potential dangers to the community.  
One resident of the area explained that the force of the water blinded a driver of a car and almost resulted in a child being run over.
The street is still not completely back to normal.
Police said that tampering with a fire hydrant is against city law. They encourage people to report such incidents.

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