Crook poses as utility worker to burglarize at least two homes -

Crook poses as utility worker to burglarize at least two homes

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ou're under no obligation to allow them on your property. They need credentials and those credentials need to be checked on by the homeowners themselves," said Lt. Brian Catlett.



(KMOV) -- An 80-year-old man answered his door and agreed to let the clean-cut man in a blue uniform look at this backyard on May 17th. The man said he was from the "utility company" and needed to look at the yard because the company planned to bury power lines. The victim said the man never gave the company's name or showed credentials, but the victim allowed the man to walk onto his yard.

While the fake worker distracted the homeowner in the backyard, police suspect the crook's partner went into the home and ransacked it - searching for cash, checks, and jewelry.

The 80-year-old victims said the crooks turned over a mattress and other furniture and made off with social security checks.

St. Louis Police are investigating a similar case. A victim, also a man in his 80s, told police that a man asked to look at his backyard in the 6000 block of Fyler. While talking to the fake employee in the yard, the man said he later went into the house to find money and jewelry missing.

Both victims never saw a second person or a vehicle. The man who claimed to be the utility worker was a white male, described as clean-cut. The victim in Shrewsbury said the man wore a blue work shirt, pants, and cap.

Shrewsbury police warned residents to call your utility company or police department if someone, claiming to be a gas, electric or sewer employee, shows up at your home without an appointment or notice.


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