Cheaper gas didn't last -

Cheaper gas didn't last

I was sorry to see gas prices jump back up to $3.69 Tuesday afternoon.  But then was excited on my way to work driving down Broadway at Chouteau.  The unmanned Phillips 66 was a bit behind and was still selling gas for $3.48.

When I got in I told the Awake with News 4 producer I should go out there and report live on how gas is 21-cents cheaper in this one spot for a little while longer.

We did so at 6am.  By 6:20 the lanes were getting backed up.  On guy came over to me and said, "KMOV is the reason I'm here.  You all bought me breakfast this morning."

He went on to explain he saw our report and brought his 30-gallon tank pick-up truck which was near empty.  He filled it up and saved more than six-dollars doing so.  He said that was enough money for breakfast.  Cool.

I told viewers it likely wouldn't last long and it didn't.  I checked back around 10:30am and the price was up to $3.68.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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