Blagojevich says thought Senate plans were legal -

Blagojevich says thought Senate plans were legal

CHICAGO (AP) -- Rod Blagojevich has told the judge at his corruption retrial that he thought his plans to seek a top job in exchange for President Barack Obama's vacated U.S. Senate seat were legal.

The ousted Illinois governor is on the stand for a fourth day Wednesday, but jurors haven't yet been called into the courtroom.

Blagojevich says he thought his plan to ask Obama to appoint him to a high-level government job in exchange for appointing Obama's choice to the seat was fair game.

He told jurors on Wednesday that he turned down an offer of cash for the seat because that wouldn't have been legal.

The former governor denies all wrongdoing. He faces 20 criminal counts, including attempted extortion, conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud.

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