Trash-talking Twitter account referencing Parkway students surfa -

Trash-talking Twitter account referencing Parkway students surfaces

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer
By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) –Parents in the Parkway School District grow concerned after inappropriate tweets were made referencing students were found.

The tweets in question make sexual references, comments about drug use, race and basic name calling. With the inappropriateness of the comments, it could be a case of cyber bullying.

“It seems like these people they don't want to say that in public so they use tweets and cyber bullying to say what they want to say.” That was one person’s reaction after seeing the tweets.’

Retired police officer, David Glenn works in the Safety and Security Department for the St. Louis Public Schools. He said every district is required to have an anti- bullying policy.

“It’s pretty big throughout the country. I know in our district we've had some incidents nothing on a major scale,” said Glenn.

All students and parents were made aware of the policy at the start of the school year. If school officials become aware of the problem, action usually starts with the principal. It can involve the parents.

"If it escalates too high law enforcement can be called into it,” said Glenn.

To be cyber bullying, there need to be repeated comments about one person, or a threat.

That may not be the case out in Parkway but to anyone who reads these tweets, they are perceived as hateful.

Glenn said if a case of cyber bullying becomes severe enough, it could actually be referred to federal authorities as a civil rights violation.

Parkway officials declined to comment on the tweets.

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