Man charged with making threats to detonate bombs around St. Lou -

Man charged with making threats to detonate bombs around St. Louis

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A man was charged after he allegedly made threats to blow up bombs around downtown St. Louis.

According to charging documents, Terry Montgomery, 34, hinted that devices were planted near the Gateway Arch, St. Louis Police Headquarters and at Metro stops.

Montgomery is in police custody on Tuesday evening at a medium security jail, charged with making a terrorist threat by calling police directly and demanded a ransom.

Authorities say Montgomery started the scare on January 17 when he picked up the phone.

"He called 911 operators with the police department, informed them there were a number of bombs planted around the city of St Louis and he would detonate them if he was not paid $10 million," said Ed Postawko with the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors say Montgomery insinuated he had bombs ready to go around downtown, including the Gateway Arch and police headquarters..

In the end, no ransom was paid, no bombs were found and Montgomery was hauled off to jail.

The Circuit Attorney’s office won’t comment on what may have led Montgomery to allegedly make the threats but it’s something no one is taking lightly.

"you can't yell there are bombs ready to be detonated around town and expect people to not pay attention and react to that, it commits a lot of resources and creates a lot of scare,” said Postawko.

With no apparent criminal history, Montgomery is being held on $5,00 bond and must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison for the terrorist threat charge.

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