Blues hoping to show Devils who they really are Tuesday night -

Blues hoping to show Devils who they really are Tuesday night

 (HockeyStL) -- This was some road trip the Blues just finished up.  They went 3-1, including a dramatic come-from-behind win over the Islanders on Saturday.

But that one loss during the trip was a big one.  Actually, it was an embarrassing one.

They lost 7-1 to New Jersey last Tuesday.  Since the Devils are the first team the Blues will see now that they’ve returned home does that give this game some sort of revenge factor? 

“No, it’s a play better factor,” Hitchcock said. “You can have all the revenge you want but we have to play better.  They just ate us up when we didn’t manage the puck well so if we manage the puck well we’ll be fine.”

Others say there is no chance of a let down from Saturday’s win over the Islanders because of what happened in New Jersey.

“Look at the box score the last time we played (the Devils) and if that’s not enough incentive to wake up and play the right way then there’s not much that is,” David Backes said.

“I think it being only a week ago and it’s still fresh in our mind, it was our last loss and it was a big one, I think it’s good that it’s that fresh because we know we didn’t play anywhere close to our best game and I think they know they didn’t get our best game,” Ryan Reaves said. “You’re going to see a very determined team to show (the Devils) that wasn’t even close to our best.”

The Blues are a league-best 16-3-1 against the Eastern Conference this year, including an 8-0-0 mark at home.  Most guys on the team think it’s something of a fluke but it still could mean something Tuesday night at Scottrade.

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