Franklin County task force aims at reducing burglaries -

Franklin County task force aims at reducing burglaries

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( -- Franklin County Authorities report 300 to 400 burglaries occur each year and now law enforcement officials say they’re doing something to stop it by putting together a task force.

The task force will focus directly on catching the thieves.

Franklin County Officials believe the increase in home burglaries is all about drugs, stealing anything they can get their hands on, just to make a quick buck.

Tiffany Niffen lives in Franklin County and has witnessed the damages these thieves cause.

 “Cars being broke into [and] my mom’s shed. They tried to break into that and actually broke the window,” Niffen said, “She heard it and came outside. It’s a scary thing when you have kids inside the house.”

According to Sheriff Gary Tolke, most of the time the thieves are not looking for a confrontation but instead strike when residents aren’t home.

“They are in and out pretty quick,” said Tolke, “They steal jewelry, guns, whatever they can sell fast.”

Officials are looking for trends and similarities so they can catch the bad guys.

“So far, I think in the last few days they’ve arrested about eight for burglary stealing,” Tolke said, “I think they retrieved a meth lab from one of the houses where they made an arrest. Then they arrested three others that were on warrants from other areas.”

Many residents throughout Franklin County said this type of task force is needed.

“I think it is a good thing, maybe it will help crime slow down,” said Niffen, “So people don’t have to worry about their homes or kids.” 

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