Bourjos ecstatic to play for a winner in Cardinals -

Bourjos ecstatic to play for a winner in Cardinals

As soon as word leaked that Peter Bourjos was getting traded from Anaheim to St. Louis he got a call from the one man who could tell him what it’s like to play for the Cardinals.

Albert Pujols.

“He called me the day I got traded and said he was really happy for me,” Bourjos said. “He couldn’t say nice enough things about playing in St. Louis with the fans and the town and everything.”

“He said the fans understand the game and they cheer for both sides, even if the other team makes a nice play,” Bourjos said.

Pro baseball has been quite frustrating for the 26-year old outfielder.  He has all the talent in the world but never has been able to A) stay healthy and B) play consistently when on the field.

Bourjos had a breakout 2011 season for the Angels when he hit .271 and stole 22 bases.  But injuries robbed him for most of 2012 and 2013.  So it came as little surprise he ended up getting traded.

“I didn’t think I was going back to Anaheim, I really didn’t,” Bourjos said. “There had been rumors brewing for the last three years that I was gone for sure.  So for whatever reason I didn’t think I was going to stick around much longer there.”

And he is beyond excited to join the St. Louis Cardinals.  Bourjos says he believes he has to come to camp ready to compete for a job like anyone else.

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