Mark Ellis pumped to join a "perennial playoff team" -

Mark Ellis pumped to join a "perennial playoff team"

(BaseballStL) - At 36 years old infielder Mark Ellis knows his career is much closer to the end than it is the beginning.  So at this point he simply wants to be in a place that gives him the best chance at reaching his first ever World Series.

That turned out to be St. Louis.  Why were the Cardinals so attractive to him?

"All the obvious factors.  They're a perennial playoff team recently," Ellis said. "But to me the biggest attraction was their young pitching staff.  Having just faced them in the NLCS they have just a ton of big powerful right-handed arms."

Ellis was on the Dodgers team last year that lost to the Cards in the NLCS and he saw firsthand just how dominant the likes of Michael Wacha, Trevor Rosenthal, Carlos Martinez and company can be. 

It was easy for him to see why he'd be interested in the Cardinals.  For Ellis, he couldn't believe when his agent told him the Cards were interested in him.

 "I was surprised," Ellis said. "(St. Louis) is not a place that I thought would call.  I didn't know if Matt (Carpenter) was going to be playing 3rd base or what was going to happen.  All I know is he got 200 hits (actually 199) and he was playing second base."

When the Cardinals first called they had yet to trade David Freese to the Angels.  So Ellis admits he was a little confused as to why St. Louis would want him.  But after seeing the trade and hearing Carpenter would indeed be moving over to third base he was excited for a chance to play second.

The Cardinals told him up front, however, they want Kolten Wong to get a lot of at-bats there and playing time is not guaranteed.  Ellis says he is fine with that.

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