Maness hopes to build off of successful rookie season -

Maness hopes to build off of successful rookie season

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele
By John Bailey By John Bailey

Not too many people, outside of the Cardinals organization, saw the Seth Maness success story coming.  Billed as a finesse 6’0” sinkerballer few thought he’d be able to come into the Major Leagues and make the impact he did. 

The East Carolina alum pitched in 66 games during the regular season and amassed a 2.32 ERA.  He also proved quite proficient in inducing double plays.  But despite all of that, Maness says he still is fighting for a job in spring training.

“I’m not guaranteed anything.  It’s a battle,” Maness said.

The 25-year old understands how crowded the starting rotation is and that he’s likely headed back to the bullpen for another year.  He still, though, is open to the idea of throwing more innings than he did a season ago.

Pitching in the postseason was also a big deal for Maness.  He appeared in nine games, five innings and allowed just one earned run.  Unfortunately that occurred in Game 4 of the World Series in a crucial spot to the Red Sox Jonny Gomes.

Still, the experience of pitching in October was invaluable.

“That was tremendous,” Maness said. “You can talk about it all you want but until you go out there and do it yourself, it’s a lot of fun.  The excitement, too, everything is just amped up a notch.”


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