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Hillsboro High School in Jefferson Co. placed on lockdown

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(KMOV) – Hillsboro High School in Jefferson County was placed on lockdown for three hours Friday as a safety precaution.

The high school, located at 123 Leon Hall Pkwy., went on lockdown around 10 a.m. While the school was locked down, students were still allowed to move around inside the building, but only with an escort. 

School officials said the lockdown went into effect after a bullet fell out of a student's pocket and onto the floor of a classroom. The student claims he forgot the bullet was in his pocket.  

While the building was locked down, officials searched for a gun but later determined there was not a weapon on campus. Administrators told KMOV the bullet came from a gun that belongs to the family of a friend of that student; they later said the family had the gun in their possession.

The lockdown was lifted shortly after 1 p.m.

District officials said parents were notified through an automated phone message.


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