School districts request "Act of God" days -

School districts request "Act of God" days

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

(KMOV) – School districts throughout the area are deciding to use “Act of God” days to combat the high amount of snow days they have already used.

Bob Daiber, Regional Superintendent for Madison County, says that schools must build an extra five days into the school year. If a district uses all of the built in days then they can ask for an “Act of God” day.

An “Act of God” day allows districts to avoid making up some snow days at the end of the year.

The Edwardsville School District has taken seven days off due to the weather so far this year. The district planned for five snow days, leaving two unaccounted for.  The two days that are unaccounted for have been approved as “Act of God” days.

Edwardsville resident John Lewis told News 4’s Brittany Noble that districts should make up the missed days because “the kids are not getting enough education”.

Daiber says that even though some students will not have school all 180 days, they will still be required to take a state test. 

Daiber does not think that the “Act of God” days will affect state testing. He says that districts will adjust their schedules to cover the content required before testing begins. 

So far-Edwardsville and Granite City have been approved for “Act of God” days.

Superintendent Daiber expects more districts will soon submit new calendar plans too.

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