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Florida man facing charges following credit fraud in St. Louis

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(KMOV) – A Florida man faces fraud charges after allegedly using a cloned credit card to make purchases at a St. Louis County Target.

Osmel Martinez, 33, was charged Thursday with felony fraudulent use of credit or debit device in St. Louis County Circuit Court.

According to authorities, Osmel purchased nearly $1,700 worth of merchandise and extended service plans at a Target store located at 4250 Rusty Road in St. Louis County on November 10.

Among the stolen items were a Nikon camera and lens, an Acer computer, and extended service plans, police said.

Osmel was later arrested in Lake St. Louis in connection to a similar incident.

Authorities say he confessed to Lake St. Louis police that he had been given the cloned card and others like it by some “bad people” that he called the “big fish.”

Osmel continued to tell police the “big fish” gave him instructions of what merchandise to buy with the cloned card and that he would receive a percentage of the purchases.

Following his arrest, Osmel reportedly confessed to knowingly purchasing the items with the cloned card used at the Target Store.


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