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Employees find dummy hanging from noose at local business

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- Imagine rolling up to work to see a dummy hanging from a noose, right outside the entrance to a local company - an employee sent  News 4 that exact picture.

And he said it’s no joke: it’s downright disturbing.

What’s worse he said is how management reacted to the whole thing, he said by doing nothing.

That’s why he contacted News 4 to get answers, even though he’s so afraid of repercussions, he asked News 4 to conceal his identity.                     

“It’s racism, plain and simple, racism,” he said.

This employee, who is African American, was shocked by what he saw at contract transport back in November.

Do you think the hanging dummy crossed the line of racial sensitivity? Share your thoughts.

Even though he and other employees complained, he said, the dummy hanged there for hours.

Even on Wednesday the rope was still there.  A News 4 went looking for answers, but a supervisor slammed the door in their face.  The company also wouldn’t pick up repeated phone calls.

Employment lawyer Tracy Pupillo said St. Louis City employees won a lawsuit over a very similar case in 2010.

An effigy like that, she said, can be a sign of hostile workplace.

“I would say absolutely from a legal prospective it’s unacceptable in the workplace,” Pupillo said.

The employee says he just wants to make sure this eerie image never appears again.

“They tried to put it off as a joke, I didn’t see that as a joke and that shouldn’t be allowed around anyone’s work place,” the employee said. 

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