Lawmakers propose change to taxing procedures in Illinois -

Lawmakers propose change to taxing procedures in Illinois

 (KMOV) – Legislators in Illinois are considering changing the way everyone is taxed with a new proposal asking for a sliding scale where the rich pay at a higher rate than the poor.

This extremely partisan issue with state Democrats trying to eliminate the flat income tax rate and state Republicans try to protect it.

"If you're going to raise income tax on certain levels, the wealthy are going to abandon the state,” said Highland resident, Donald Johannes.

Collinsville resident, Lillian Brown said, “"Lower income should pay less and the higher should pay more.”

The resolution would change the state constitution from a flat tax, which is currently at five-percent, to one which allows lower earners to pay less and higher earners, more.

It was introduced by Urbana Representative Naomi Jakobsson. She said that change is needed to generate revenue when a temporary income tax increase expires in 2015.

"If we don't extend it, we're going to see maybe more cuts in our vitally needed services such as education, healthcare,” said State Representative Jakobsson.

Jakobsson didn't include tax rates for different incomes in the legislation - that would come later.

On Wednesday in Chicago, Republican State Senators and representatives addressed the media, expressing their concern with a progressive income tax.  Highland republican Charlie Meier agrees, and says the proposal would hurt the state economy.

Right now, the resolution is waiting in the rules committee. The General Assembly could take action on it after the next session begins in Springfield early next month.

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