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Local teacher resigns over allegations of inappropriate behavior with student

 (KMOV) – Police in St. Francois County are investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior between a local high school teacher and a student.

Leadwood Police are investigating a now former West County High School teacher for allegations of what they call improper actions with a student.

The school district said they’re hoping these allegations don’t leave a black mark.

A letter was sent home to West County High School students in December alerting them to the allegations swirling around campus.

A teacher was accused of “inappropriate communications with a student.”

Leadwood Police Sergeant Timothy Allen said in a phone interview that he could not identify the teacher because charges have not been filed.

When asked if there were any indications that the behavior in question was in sexual nature, Sgt Allen said, “That’s something we can’t confirm right now we’re waiting on the results of the evidence we seized to come back.”

Stacy Stevens, West County School District Superintendent said at first the teacher was put on leave pending an investigation but then he resigned.

“The safety and protection of our kids is the number one thing and we never want something that can put a negative light on your district or have anything negatively impact a child or children,” said Stevens.

Students at the high school surprised by the allegations say the teacher was a long-time employee and well-liked.

“He was a good teacher to us and we all loved him but when we heard this happened we were all shocked,” said student, Molly Strothmann.

Now it could be a while before this teacher will be charged with anything Police say because of a heavy case load at the lab they’ll have to wait until possibly June to get tests results back.

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