Fine print used against St. Charles couple in home warranty batt -

Fine print used against St. Charles couple in home warranty battle

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) –  A St. Charles couple said their home warranty only caused headaches for them  rather than peace of mind.

Ashley Hill paid $45 a month for the warranty with Residential MD knowing it would be inevitable to have expensive repairs for her 20-year-old home.

“We got the home warranty so we would be covered if anything big went out,” said Hill.

At first it paid off, the company repaired her dishwasher and replaced her water heater but when she started having problems with the furnace,

Hill thought she was covered but cause Cross Country Home Services, the parent company of Residential MD, was well aware of her furnace problems.

“They would fix something small and say it would work now,” Hill said.

On three previous occasions, Cross Country contracted with a local company to repair Hill’s furnace.

There was nothing in writing that indicated Hill failed to perform proper maintenance but the fourth time she called for help, she was told a coil wasn’t properly maintained.

She was also told that her system was dirty and her claim was denied.

“I just think it's unfair we paid every month if the coil was dirty and that's why it blew up they had someone here three times last year and they could have told us this is the problem. they clearly diagnosed the wrong problem,” said Hill.

According to the Cross Country representative, the claim was denied because the system wasn’t properly maintained. They said they offered Hill a chance to get a second opinion. Hill disputed the claim and even wrote a letter of appeal.

Ultimately, the company offered them $410 plus a refund on two service call deductibles to put toward repairs.

Hill said her new furnace ultimately cost $5,700 and feels the warranty proved useless when it came to her most expensive problem. She felt the company was looking for a away to avoid making good on the warranty.

Bottom line: If you have a home warranty, keep detailed maintenance records she you can dispute claims if you’re denied.

The company said the Hill were  advised to perform better maintenance but they don’t have that in writing.

The Hills are now considering taking the company to court.


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