Belleville alderman disapproves of new grocery store plans -

Belleville alderman disapproves of new grocery store plans

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) – A Belleville City alderman said he won’t vote to approve plans for a new grocery store unless there’s a specific change.

Kroger has plans to build one of its discount grocery stores, Ruler Foods, at 17th and N. Belt West, where the Bel-Air Bowl used to operate.  Alderman Joe Hayden said after going over the plans for a new building he’s not on board.

“It’s gonna look like a pole barn,” said 5th Ward Alderman Joe Hayden.  “A pole barn isn’t going to fit into the character of these neighborhood houses and the businesses,” he adds. 

Hayden said the plans he's reviewed include aluminum siding.  He said the new building should have a brick facade to better match other brick buildings in the neighborhood and he'd vote against the plan if it didn't change.

Belleville residents appear split on whether or not the material of the grocery store building is important.

“If you’re gonna build a building, build it nice.  I don't know if you have to break the bank doing it," says Belleville resident Ken Bour.

Kroger media relations could not be reached to provide plan details and the Belleville Mayor did not immediately respond to messages requesting more information.

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