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Local caretaker charged with beating 90-year-old patient

(KMOV) – Authorities say a Madison County healthcare worker faces charges after she allegedly attacked an elderly man she was supposed to be caring for.

Antoinette Dale was charged with battery.

According to police, Dale was working as a caretaker for Help at Home when she brutally kicked 90-year-old Paul Kelly, who’s legally blind.

Officials say Dale was filling in for Kelly’s normal caretaker who had been snowed in.

“She came over here and sat in my lap and I told her to get out of my lap but she wouldn’t pay no attention to me,” Kelly said.

Kelly said it bad eye sight made it even harder to see an unprovoked attack from a woman who’s supposed to be helping him.

Bethalto police arrested dale and she was booked into the Madison County jail on $40,000 bond.

She later posted bond and was released from custody.

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