MoDOT battles 'large dangerous potholes' in St. Louis area -

MoDOT battles 'large dangerous potholes' in St. Louis area

(KMOV) – Road crews in the St. Louis area have been busy over the last two weeks, as those who were working to clear snow are now this week patching up potholes.

The Missouri Department of Transportation crews drove throughout the St. Louis area Monday repairing potholes caused by the recent winter weather conditions.

Residents can call to report potholes to MoDOT and the St. Louis streets department says drivers can report them to the citizens service bureau as well.

MoDOT says it’s already encountered several “large dangerous potholes.” A spokesperson says they haven’t seen this type of extreme swing in temperatures for a couple decades.

"We at MoDOT are hoping the temperatures warm up and stay warm so we don't have to continue to exhaust our resources on dealing with this snow ordealing with potholes," said Tom Blair.

The agency says it’s not excited about what it’s doing to the pavement, as crews were already busy this past weekend fixing potholes and MoDOT expects more potholes to pop up. 

To report problems, contact MoDOT and the St. Louis city government: 



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