Storms damage church in Fenton, Missouri -

Storms damage church in Fenton, Missouri

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer


(KMOV) – Severe storms swept through Fenton, Missouri on Friday and caused considerable damage.
The storm rolled cars and even did some structural damage to the St. Paul Catholic Church.
One woman received minor injuries when her car rolled several times.  No other injuries has been reported.
The most serious damage was to inside the rectory of the St. Paul Catholic Church.  Father Mike Dieckmann was with Father Jim Holbrook standing at the front of the building, reporting on his HAM radio, when he heard an erie sound.
Fr. Diekmann explains “It was a classic freight train noise…it just kept getting louder and louder and I yelled at Father Jim, ‘We need to get to the basement and we need to get to the basement now!’”
The two made it two steps from the basement entrance when Diekman says, “We heard a loud bang, the house imploded, dust everywhere, our ears popped, and then it was quiet. The whole thing was 5 seconds.”
When the two returned upstairs, they realized the rectory roof was gone and there was significant damage to the church.  Fortunately, there was minimal damage to the nearby St. Paul School.
Services for the church are cancelled for the morning of New Years Day, although they resume that evening and Sunday.
The school is closed Monday and will reopen on Tuesday.

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