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Speeding in I-70's new travel safe zone will result in double the normal fine

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(KMOV)-- If you drive on Interstate 70, consider yourself warned; if spotted speeding, the fine could total more than $200 in an eight-mile stretch now designated a “travel safe zone.”
The strip is a hilly, windy stretch of interstate, and MODOT says a five-year-long study proves there is nearly double the normal fatality rate between Jennings Station and Cypress Road.
Any moving violation, not just speeding, will result in a doubled fine.
Chief Bob Schrader of the St. Ann Police Department says that he wants everyone to know police will be out there, hoping it will deter drivers from high speeds.
The department believes the increased fine will encourage residents to slow down. St. Ann was among the first along I-70 to enforce this new, doubled fine. The city says it already noticed an impact.
Since January 1st to July 19th, there were 42 accidents. From July 19th until now there have been eleven—a 75% reduction.
Berkeley police have one of the largest stretches of the zone, and while they have not yet upped their fines, they will now that MODOT posted signs indicating the strip last week.
The higher fine may not be permanent; eastbound I-64 between Mason and I-270 is a travel safe zone, as well, but the state may reverse that decision soon.
Pine Lawn and Berkeley police were most active today, from what Marc Cox noticed in the area.
The area chiefs say they appreciate MODOT for backing the increased fines.
Chief Schrader shared with Marc that if drivers do not like the new policy, they should not speed.

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