Credit and debit card users: beware of "skimming" -

Credit and debit card users: beware of "skimming"

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

(KMOV)-- Someone is stealing your money when you pay at the gas pump.

The Identity Theft Task Force says “skimming” is becoming a common find in St. Louis.
Crooks set up shop for a short amount of time, collect what they can, and get out.
It can happen to anyone almost anytime you use a debit or credit card. Nationally, skimming is a billion dollar industry.
Heather Wiedmeier, a local victim, says her bank identified gas stations as the latest target.
Wiedmeier went into Bank of America after a charge at Marshall’s was denied.
The bank said about 40 people came in that same week with the same problem. She was told a Quik Trip on Gravois was believed to have a skimmer on it.
A skimmer is a tiny device that record your credit card information anytime a user swipes the card through a compromised machine.
Some even have a hidden video camera to catch PIN’s.
When Wiedmeier paid at the pump, she unknowingly gave the crooks access to her bank account.
Bank of America flagged the fraudulent charges and closed her cards.
If a machine ever looks tampered with, move on to another one.
Quik Trip says their machines are protected by a security strip that changes color if the card reader has been compromised, and they did not know about the breach.

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