Thieves target shoppers cars at Galleria near Christmas holiday -

Thieves target shoppers cars at Galleria near Christmas holiday

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

(KMOV) – Security has ramped up at the Galleria shopping mall in St. Louis County after a recent rash of car break-ins around Christmas.

Like all shopping malls, the Galleria has had car break-ins before, but what happened last Wednesday was a first.

Richmond Heights police say a group of young men spread out in the northeast parking lot after 9 p.m. and very quickly broke into seven cars.

Authorities say they probably used a screwdriver to pop the locks of those seven cars and stole merchandise from the cars.

The thieves reportedly left in a brown Lincoln Continental with temporary Illinois license plates.

The Galleria and Richmond Heights police responded with additional patrols.

There have been other breakings since Wednesday, including one on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights. Sources say there wasn’t much the victims could do to prevent what happened Wednesday, but police do remind shoppers to keep all packages out of sight. They also say do not leave irreplaceable items in your trunk, and even consider investing in a car alarm.

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