Crime Stoppers owes $9,000 in rewards to St. Louis 'tipsters' -

Crime Stoppers owes $9,000 in rewards to St. Louis 'tipsters'

(KMOV)-- The St. Louis regional Crime Stoppers is sitting on a pile of reward money but no one has come forward to claim their share of it.

The organization that gives away cash for calls to its tips hotline has given out $3,600 in rewards this year but it has another $9,000 worth of rewards owed to people who haven't claimed their reward.
The reward gap is due in part to the way Crime Stoppers is set up to protect potential witnesses to crime.

Authorities say tipsters are given a code number for their case when they first call, and they have to call back later to see if they're owed money.

However, because of anonymity rules, Crime Stoppers has no way to get in touch with tipsters who are deserving of the reward.

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