Audit finds errors in Mo. lt. gov. office records -

Audit finds errors in Mo. lt. gov. office records


   JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- The Missouri auditor's office says it discovered math errors in the vacation and compensatory time records of the lieutenant governor's office.
The review released Thursday by Auditor Susan Montee found problems in the records for the five lieutenant governor employees. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's office says the errors were on internal office forms and not on the official records used to pay employees.
Kinder spokesman Gary McElyea says the documents track employees' work time and that there were no errors in the official records. McElyea says the errors have been fixed.
In a separate audit of the secretary of state's office, Montee said $5 million has been transferred by the state from an investor education fund into Missouri's general fund. The audit suggests seeking reimbursement for the investor education fund.
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