Troy woman wins $10,000 from lottery ticket -

Troy woman wins $10,000 from lottery ticket


(KMOV)-- A Troy woman has 10,000 unexpected surprises to celebrate this Christmas.
Kelly Wiskoski went to her holiday work party at JMN Logistics and selected a present from under the tree during the gift exchange.
Wiskoski unwrapped a Missouri Lottery ticket, along with a scented candle and gift card. She was sure she read the ticket wrong when it revealed she was the winner of a $10,000 prize.
Wiskoski left the party and drove to the Lottery’s St. Louis office expecting no more than $500; even her husband did not believe her.
It was not until officially claiming her ticket did she really grasp winning the big prize.
As for how Wiskoski will use the windfall, she said that she “just recently found out that we’re expecting, so a nursery would be good!”
Wiskoski’s ticket, from the “Merry Money” game, was purchased at Shop ‘n Save at 9070 St. Charles Rock Road in St. Louis.
The most players can win in “Merry Money” is $100,000.

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