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Local man fined $70 for bike rack blocking license plate

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – If you’re a bike rider, you may not realize that you could be breaking the law when you hitch your wheels on the back of your car.

One local man learned the hard way when he got a $70 ticket while driving through Creve Coeur.

It’s state law in Missouri for all parts of a vehicle’s license plate to be plainly visible, and bike racks can block the view of the plates.

Ryan Metcalf admits his bike rack does get in the way of his license plate, but he doesn’t understand why he would get a ticket now – three years after installing it on his car.

Mike Weiss, the owner of the Big Shark Bicycle Company in the Delmar Loop carries all sorts of bike racks, most of which mount near license plates.

The Yakima racks, the same on that got Ryan Metcalf in trouble, says the company does sell accessories for displaying plates, but sometimes they’re hard to find.

Creve Coeur police say the law is the law, and it’s not unusual for them to write tickets for this.

"I don't think I'm trying to intentionally violate a law,” says Metcalf. “I'm engaging in a healthy fitness activity this is my hobby, and I'm being penalized for it."

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