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Owner of Earlean's Cafe says enough is enough

(KMOV) - St. Clair County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for 3 men who stole a church van and used it to smash into an East St. Louis cafe.

It wasn't exactly the kind of wake up call Earlene Malone was expecting. A co-worker calling to tell her a van crashed through her cafe. "So, I hurried on up over here and found it like that," says Malone.
A large church van, sitting in her shop after would be thieves got stuck trying to get away. The target...the ATM machine inside. Malone says this isn't just a loss for her, but for the entire community. Silvia Hicks eats there all the time.  She says,"it's just a really nice place to come and i'm just sad. I was really looking forward to her sausage and egg sandwhich this morning."
What upsets Malone the most is this isn't the first time this has happened. Just this year alone, thieves have crashed into Earleans on three separate occasions and each time, investigators say nobody's been caught.
Hicks says, "I dont understand how someone can break in with a police substation right here and no one sees anything."
With clues left behind including a cell phone investigators believe is one of the suspects, Malone hopes something can finally be done to protect her ATM and all that's inside.

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