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U-City High principal not putting up with any...

(KMOV)-- I met Dayle Burgdorf Thursday morning at University City High for an interview on her effort to get attendance up at the high school.

She'd been an assistant principal there for years and is currently the interim principal.

While visiting with her during a class change in the hallway, I was entertained watching her watch her students.

I was glad to see not too many kids had their pants hanging down.  I noticed a couple.  She notice one, she didn't like it and she made it known immediately.  She walked briskly down the hall to catch up with the young man,  had him walk back to where we were, got him to cinch up his pants and get back on his way.  Nice.

I saw a girl walk by wearing shorts waaaay too short.  Before I could finish rolling my eyes, I saw Dayle gently stop her and say something to her.  I walked over to the interim principal and joked, "Did you compliment her on her shorts?"  She told me she told the student to meet her in her office in a few minutes to discuss her wardrobe malfunction.

I also appreciated this...  Another girl was wearing a nice dress...  Looked professional even.  Dayle complimented the student on how nice the dress looked.  Positive reinforcement.  Gotta like that, too.

Perhaps ALL principals are this way.  I wouldn't know.  I'm rarely in schools.  All I know is if I was a parent of a U-City High School kid, I'd want that "interim" tag removed off Dayle Burgdorf's title right away.

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