Proposal in Rock Hill will make "open carry" illegal -

Proposal in Rock Hill will make "open carry" illegal

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The city of Rock Hill, Missouri will vote on a proposal next week that will restrict how gun owners can carry their weapons in public.

Rock Hill and other Missouri cities had ordinances on the books for years prohibiting concealed carry and open carry.  Eight years ago those cities amended their ordinances when the state of Missouri approved conceal carry, but according to officials, somebody made a mistake and wrote the law permitting concealed carry and open carry.

City officials want the law changed to conceal carry only and to make open carry illegal.  The National Rifle Association has stepped in claiming that the city is trying to take away gun owner's rights. 

In Missouri, it is generally legal to carry a gun in a holster or on your side.  Many city ordinances prohibit open carry, or so they thought.  A loophole was discovered after a man walked into a Starbucks in Olivette a few months ago with a gun on his hip.  That loophole affects Olivette, Ellisville and Rock Hill.  City representatives say they are not trying to take away gun owner's rights, they just want the law the way it was originally intended.

For eight years, residents in Olivette, Ellisville and Rock Hill were allowed to openly carry their firearms in holsters on their sides, which was illegal for many years.  The new proposed ordinance, if it passes, will put things back the way they were.

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