Fourth victim dies from massive 2008 I-64 pile-up -

Fourth victim dies from massive 2008 I-64 pile-up

(KMOV) -- Another victim has passed away from injuries caused by a massive pile-up on Interstate 64/40 in 2008.

The accident occurred three years ago on July 15 on eastbound I-64/40 just west of I-270 in Town and Country.

The Post-Dispatch reports 55-year-old Mark Tiburi was rendered a quadriplegic after the accident and never walked, talked or ate on his own again.

The St. Peters man suffered from pneumonia and passed away from the illness that stemmed from from injuries related to the accident on Sunday.

Three other victims died shortly after the crash and about a dozen people were injured in the wreck.

The accident was caused by a truck driver who admitted he was distracted by his cell phone when he crashed into several cars stopped in traffic.

The driver, a 50-year-old man from Alabama, has served a year in jail on charges of manslaughter.

Read the Post-Dipatch's full story on Tiburi's death and the 2008 accident here.

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