Domestic abuse victim fears suspect could soon be freed from jail -

Domestic abuse victim fears suspect could soon be freed from jail

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – The family of a domestic abuse victim says she’s concerned that the man who tried to attack her could soon be out of jail.

St. Louis County Police were forced to shoot 34-year-old Jeffrey Thompson at a home in south St. Louis County on Friday after he reportedly threatened an officer with a knife. He was wanted for violating a protection order and attacking the mother of his child.

The family of the victim says they are concerned because they’ve been trying to work within the courts and with police to protect their daughter and niece, only to have Thompson repeatedly violate an order of protection.

They don’t feel that anyone in the justice system took them seriously until last week. The family says they believe the victim is lucky to be alive.

Family members say Thompson threatened to kill his children’s mother before stealing credit cards and her car. Last Tuesday, Thompson broke into his ex-girlfriend’s empty house. The victim called St. Louis County Police and rushed home.

Her family says a police mistake almost cost her life. They say the basement was not searched well and the person who owns the house did the search alone. After police left, the abuser came up from the basement.

Family members say Thompson has relatives who work for both the courts and law enforcement. His victim believes that slowed down efforts to stop him.

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