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A&M leaving Big 12? Let 'em go.

(KMOV)-- There's a considerable amount of hand wringing going on due to Texas A&M's pending departure to the Southeastern Conference. This will be the third Big 12 school in two years to leave the conference. It was a big loss when Nebraska bolted to the Big 10. Colorado to the Pac 10 stung a little bit, too. But Texas A&M leaving for the SEC? Who cares? Missouri has never had much of a rivalry or history with A&M. It was a big event every year when Mizzou played Nebraska in football. Texas A&M, not so much. Texas A&M can be replaced with a school like Brigham Young and the Big 12 conference will probably be better off for making the switch. BYU brings a bit of a national following, and certainly increases the conferences footprint in the western states. The Big 12 hasn't lost any television markets with the departure of A&M, but they would gain some with the addition of BYU. Not huge markets, but new markets none-the-less.

A lot of Missouri fans would love to see the Tigers go to the SEC with Texas A&M. I'm not sure that'd be a good idea. Missouri football could become irrelevant again facing the likes of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and LSU on a regular basis. The Tigers would have almost no hope of ever contending for a national title. They've proven they can occasionally beat Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12 and advance up the rankings playing a Big 12 schedule. I doubt they could have that kind of success in the SEC, which is easily the most powerful football conference in the nation.

See ya later Texas A&M. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Missouri should stand pat in the Big 12.




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