Could Belleville roll out something other than wheel tax? -

Could Belleville roll out something other than wheel tax?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV)-- Not everyone agrees with the $20-wheel tax, but most people do agree Belleville needs to raise revenue in the wake of a major shortfall in state funds.

Turns out the wheel tax isn't generating as much money as hoped, as not everyone is paying it.

So an advisory group is looking at other options.  

One that's got business owners grumbling is the possibility of a quarter-of-a-cent sales take increase.  I was downtown Tuesday and stopped in and talked to several store owners. 

One was adamant about how a sales tax increase could be a killer.  Even though it's just a little more, people will decide to shop where sales tax is cheaper.  She didn't want to be identified for some reason.  Same with the owner of another business.  When I asked him why he wouldn't share his opinion he responded, "This is Belleville."  I told him I have no idea what that means and went to visit with other business people.

Finally, Jason Keck who co-owns Peace by Piece, a womans clothing and accessories store at 132 West Main Street (see, he got a free plug for cooperating on this story) went on record.  He says he's not sure how much a small sales tax increase would hurt, but would prefer not to find out.  He feels the wheel tax wasn't very well thought out since they're not able to collect it from everyone.  He'd like to see a flat amount on people's trash bills perhaps... or property tax bills... Things that aren't so easy not to pay.

I talked to one other guy behind a display case in another store.  He was indifferent to the whole thing.   He says Belleville needs the revenue.  However the go about getting it is fine with him.

For more, check out Mark's live report on this issue at 6am Wednesday on Awake with News Four.

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