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Local family refuses to pay MSD money they don't owe

(KMOV) - Even though it's not their bill, The Metropolitan Sewer District says Bill and Karen Combest owe more than $1,100 in unpaid sewer bills.

They moved into their home in St. Ann a little over a year ago.  Four months after they moved in, they began getting letters from collection agencies telling them they owed $1,132.67 for unpaid sewer bills from the previous owners.

MSD tells News 4 that, unfortunately, an exisiting account comes with a new home and the current homeowners are expected to pay it. They also say its rare something like this happens. They're trying to work with the family and have started a payment plan for them as well as stopped all late fees they're being charged.

Bill Combest says he doesn't think they should be responsible for any of it.  He talked to a representative with MSD yesterday.  Combest says, " He said they would stop the late fees indefinitely but that we still owe it.  It drives me up a wall.  It's not my bill, I didnt do it and I wasn't even here. I've been paying the current usage since I've been in the house but theres no reason why I should have $1,100 bill from MSD."

MSD says based on the information they were given, the Bill and Karen Combest didn't use a title company.  They say instead they used a quick claim process which is more of an informal process between the buyer and the seller. They go on to say if a title company was used they could do something about it. 

News 4 did some digging and found proof the Combest's did use a title company.


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