Illinois woman found guilty in murder of handicapped husband -

Illinois woman found guilty in murder of handicapped husband

( -- On Tuesday, an Illinois woman was found guilty by a St. Clair County jury for the murder of her 72-year-old handicapped husband.

Josephine G. Lockett, 48, is now facing between three and 14 years in prison and up to 48 months of probation for the crime.  During the trial, it was determined that an argument over $87 led to Lockett killing her husband, Louis.  According to records, Lockett recklessly discharged a .38 caliber revolver and the bullet struck her husband in the head, killing him.

Lockett claimed, in her statements to investigators, that she was not trying to shoot her husband, but was attempting to strike him in the head with the gun.  At the time of his death, Louis Lockett was in the process of recovering from a partial paralysis of his legs, along with other medical conditions that limited his physical capabilities.  Two of the couple's foster children were present during the altercation.

Jurors in the case deliberated for less than 30 minutes before returning a guilty verdict.

A sentencing hearing has been set for October 6th.

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