Metro-East tenants accuse landlord of tampering with electricity -

Metro-East tenants accuse landlord of tampering with electricity, not making repairs

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Many people have been hit with high electric bills this summer because of the heat, but imagine getting a huge bill because someone was stealing your electricity.

Police are currently investigating a Metro-East landlord accused of hooking up vacant apartments to tenants’ meters.

The accused landlord has been in trouble with the law before, and is out on bond charged with aggravated domestic battery against his wife.

Now his tenants say he is stealing electricity and refusing to make repairs. They admit they’re being evicted because they’re no longer paying rent, but they believe their actions are justified.

David Williams and his fiancée, Heather Heath, say they noticed the power turned on in two empty apartments in their building at the same time they noticed a big jump in their electric bill. They say they believe their landlord, Hassan Abrahim, is stealing electricity.

Williams says the Ameren Illinois supervisor turned the power back off while investigating, but just two days later, Williams took a picture that he believes is showing Abrahim tampering with the meters and turning the electricity back on.

Abrahim denies the allegations.

The accusations are being investigated by police, and two police reports from Shiloh accuse Abrahim of tampering with meters at multiple buildings.

Abrahim is also accused of not making repairs to rental units. He says the tenants accusing him of tampering owe him money and he won’t make any repairs when a tenant is several months behind in rent.

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